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How To Prevent Burnout in Caregivers for Alzheimer’s Patients

Caregivers for Alzheimers patients often report having high levels of stress. Providing this level of care on a continuous basis can be overwhelming. However, too much stress is not healthy for either the patient or the caregiver. The following information

What Is The Difference Between A Personal Care Attendant And An Elder Companion?

Although these terms are used interchangeably, there are several differences between a personal care attendant and an elder companion. These differences are mainly in terms of the responsibilities and the training that is required. What Is A Personal Care Attendant?

The Best Food Safety Tips for Seniors

The way that food is distributed and processed has changed throughout the years. There was a period of time where food was grown close to where people resided and they shopped for groceries on a daily basis. Food was not

Home Caregiver Qualifications – How to Become A Professional Caregiver

As a home caregiver, you are being hired to provide care for someone’s family member. If a client is going to allow you into his or her home, they want to be certain that you will provide the necessary care