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What Is Skilled Nursing At Home?

There are several conditions that must be met in order for a client to qualify for skilled nursing at home services. Medicare, Medicaid and many health insurance providers require that the patient is: Homebound Currently under the care of a

Medication Adherence Programs For Hypertension

Medication adherence programs are essential to successfully controlling hypertension in many patients. Unfortunately, only around half of the Americans who are treated for hypertension with medication actually follow the advice of their physicians for their medication therapy. Medication adherence is

How Homecare Services for Seniors Help To Reduce Risks of Eating Alone

You may already know that eating by yourself can be a lonely feeling, but it can also be very dangerous for a person’s health. As a person becomes older, physical and mobility limitations can make it difficult to purchase, shop

Companionship for Seniors in Your Home

Companionship for seniors is an in-home care service that primarily offers clients emotional support as well as companionship. These are seniors who are generally in good health and they want to stay in their own homes. However, this type of