About Us

Whether the support you need is companion care, homecare or senior care, you’ll find Prosper Home Care is unique. Our approach provides comfort for your loved one and complete confidence for you. It’s really a solution for the entire family, at a time when priorities weigh heavy, commitments are stretched and balance seems hard to achieve.

Our resources offer everyone relief, because we believe time spent with your loved one should be a joy, not a responsibility. We can help you make it quality time, by allowing you to go from caretaker to caregiver and enjoy the kind of moments that become enduring memories.

Prosper Home Care offers a variety of services:

  • Personal Care
  • General Administrative
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Health-Care
  • Trips and Entertainment
  • And Many More

For a full list of our services, visit our home care services page.


At our home care agency, we believe in regular communication. So often we find that families are spread out throughout the country and even the world. Let Prosper Home Care be your eyes and ears for your loved one. We will keep you posted on the events that occur and progress being made. We can also provide families with daily logs on their loved one. Our supervisors pay a visit to all clients in person on a regular basis and will report their findings to the family members so that everyone involved is in the loop.

Let’s face it, in today’s age of technology, most elderly people have trouble adjusting. They may not have cell phones or access to email which makes it somewhat difficult for far away family members to communicate with them. That is where Prosper Home Care comes in to help. We will keep you posted on events, incidents, or activities so that you can have peace of mind knowing that there is someone nearby.