The Advantages of Choosing a Qualified Care Giver for Your Loved One

qualified care giver decaturIt seems logical to choose in-home qualified caregivers for your loved one. They can continue to receive quality care without having to leave the comfort of their home. Studies have indicated that over 80 percent of seniors prefer to stay in their residences as long as possible. This way they will be able to interact with family and friends while also maintaining a certain level of dignity.

These are not the only reasons why you should consider hiring caregivers for you or someone you love. There are several other advantages to choosing this type of home care.

Personalized Care

Patients who reside in skilled nursing facilities do not receive the same type of care that patients who remain at home receive. The at home care that a patient receives at home is personalized. Therefore, customized care is provided to you or your loved one properly. It does not matter whether the patient needs assistance with the activities of daily living or just needs companionship. A qualified caregiver can help with all types of needs.

Families Are Able To Stay Together

Families who wish to postpone placing their loved one in a nursing care facility can hire an in-home care caregiver to help care for their elderly or disabled family member.

In-Home Care Is Affordable

In-home care is more cost effective than other types of elderly care such as hospitalization or nursing care facilities. Families can save anywhere from 10 percent to 30 percent by deciding to hire caregivers to assist inside of the home instead of placing their loved one in a facility. Families can also choose to pay for in-home services on an ‘as needed’ basis. This allows for even more savings.

A Qualified Caregiver Will Ensure Loved Ones Will Remain Safe

One of the main reasons why many families ultimately choose to place their loved ones in a skilled nursing facility is because they fear their loved one’s safety if the loved one remains at home alone. However, when a trusted and professional caregiver is in the home with the patient, the patient will remain safe.

Caregivers can give your loved one the attention and companionship that they need and deserve. These professionals will help to ensure that your elderly family member will stay active and independent while remaining in their home.  Contact a qualified caregiver in Decatur, GA today.