The Top Reasons Why At Home Senior Services Are the Best Options for Your Elderly Parents

at home senior servicesAs your parents begin to get older, they may need more assistance with their daily chores. When you begin to explore your choices for elder care, consider hiring at home senior services instead of choosing a long term care facility. There are several excellent reasons why adult children should consider in home services for their elderly parents as an option that will benefit everyone.

Minimal Costs

Long term care facilities such as assisted living facilities and nursing homes can eat up your parent’s savings and retirement funds rather quickly. However, by taking advantage of at home senior services, these services will not cost nearly as much as it would to house your loved one in a long term care facility on a permanent basis.

In fact, many agencies that offer these services receive additional funding from the government. This allows them to pass the savings on to individuals who may need it.


Although you may begin to notice that your parents require a little more assistance, they may be reluctant to request it. Moving out of the comforts of home and into an unfamiliar facility can be overwhelming and daunting for them. They will have restricted freedom.

On the other hand, professional caregivers from the agency will ensure that your parents remain as healthy and happy as they possibly can. For many seniors, nothing can compare to the safety and comfort they feel by staying in their home.


Family members with a hectic schedule may not be able to take time off from their jobs in order to transport their loved one to the doctor or administer medication. This is the one advantage to utilizing these services in the home. These caring professionals can remind your elderly parent when to take their medication, provide transportation for errands, perform light housekeeping tasks and other services.

Consider scheduling a free in home assessment with an agency that offers at home senior services. Your parents can begin to receive the assistance that they need, and their care plan will be personalized for their needs.

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