The Signs You Should Look For That Your Home Health Caregiver Should Not Be Caring For Your Or Your Loved One

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The Signs You Should Look For That Your Home Health Caregiver Should Not Be Caring For Your Or Your Loved One

It can be quite overwhelming trying to find the right home health caregiver. You should know that the person you are hiring to care for you or someone you love is responsible and experienced. The caregiver should also be trustworthy. Unfortunately, there are less than reputable caregivers, but you can take preventative measures by thoroughly researching all home health caregivers who are hired to come into your home.

There are several signs that you should look for if you suspect that the caregiver you have hired is a risk factor in your home or your loved one’s home.


If the home health agency does not have a license, this should be immediately considered to be a red flag. Look for an agency that conducts not only federal background checks on a home health caregiver but also drug test each employee. Make sure that you choose a legitimate agency that has several years of experience and satisfied clients. Be sure to ask the company about its selection process when caregivers are hired.


Missing money, heirlooms and electronics are just a few of the occurrences that are frequently reported by those who have caregivers in their home. Always check the receipts for purchases if the home health caregiver is given cash to shop to make sure that purchases are correct.

Instead of giving the caregiver access to your bank account through your debit card, load a limited amount of money onto a Visa or MasterCard gift card. This will help reduce liability. However, if items are continuously missing in the home, it is time to get rid of the caregiver. Report the suspicious activity to the agency so proper measures can be taken.


Is laundry constantly piled in a corner or is the house is dirty? Is your loved one showing signs of poor hygiene such as body odor, dirty clothes or smell of urine? If so, the caregiver should be relieved of his or her duties and the agency should be contacted immediately.

The right home health caregiver will take proper care of your loved one. But, if you notice that your loved one has become more depressed or weaker, the caregiver may not be taking care of the senior’s needs. Hire a professional caregiver as well perform regular checks to ensure the safety and well-being of your loved one.

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