The Three Biggest Elderly Care Service Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

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The Three Biggest Elderly Care Service Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Creating an elderly care service plan for an aged loved one who requires assistance involves many important decisions. Avoid these three mistakes families commonly make during this crucial period.


Your loved one may be reluctant to ask for or accept help from an elderly care service provider. Here are some common problems that are often not adequately discussed include:

keeping track of numerous medications difficulty with urination, sexual activity, or general mobility not understanding advice or directions given by a physician reluctance to discuss new symptoms, often out of fear refusal to use helpful devices like canes, hearing aids, walkers, or glasses

An essential component of good elderly care is maintaining open and frequent lines of communication with your loved one. It is especially relevant to ask about doctor appointments, and make yourself familiar with medication regimens and offer to help organize pills in an easy-to-use manner. Furthermore, encourage your loved one to do what it takes to maintain their mobility and quality of life.


It is important to stop your loved one from driving once their vision, hearing, and coordination reach a certain point of impairment. Driving represents independence for most Americans. Therefore, it can be hard for all involved. First of all, be clear that giving up the car keys is in your loved one’s best interest. Finally, lay out a plan for getting him or her out of the house on a regular basis to participate in activities he or she enjoys.


Many seniors, most of all the housebound, have limited opportunities for social interaction. Consequently, this leads to depression. Studies show it can even cause physical health problems. While it is hard for family members to make regular visits, hiring a non-medical caregiver will ensure your loved one has regular social interaction. This could be a pivotal choice in your elderly care plan.

In conclusion, Prosper Home Care offers professional, compassionate, non-medical elderly care in the Atlanta area. If you think your loved one could benefit from visits with a caregiver, call (678) 310-6305 for more information about elderly care.