The Caregiver Job Duties That Can Assist In-Home Care Clients

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A caregiver is a person who helps assist the elderly and the disabled by completing various tasks. Although caregivers typically provide care in a person’s home, they may also provide care in residential care facilities. There are several caregiver job duties that are beneficial to in-home clients, and these duties may extend the amount of a time a client can stay independent.


Personal Care and Nutrition Care

Caregivers help to ensure that their clients are receiving proper nutrition by either:

  • Helping to plan meals for the client
  • Preparing meals for the client
  • Grocery shopping for the client

Caregivers can also remove all expired food from the kitchen by checking the expiration dates on food that is located in the refrigerator and/or pantry.

Clients who have difficulty with toileting or bathing can also hire a caregiver to assist them with their personal care needs.


Seniors and those who have physical disabilities may be limited in the amount and the type of housekeeping tasks they can complete. Caregiver job duties may include dusting, laundry, mail pickup and delivery, running errands and making beds. The caregiver can also assist the client with appointment scheduling if necessary.

Physical Care and Mental Care

Although in-home caregivers are not considered skilled medical professionals, they are still responsible for assisting with their client’s cognitive health and physical health. This can include a wide range of exercises and drills such as assisting the client during a walk to using mental drills and exercises to help maintain their mental alertness.

Emotional Support

One of the most important duties that a caregiver can provide is emotional support to their clients. Stimulating clients with conversation and providing companionship is essential to the client’s overall health.


Caregivers are required to report all activities that they perform while on duty. The family and/or agency may require that the caregiver also report any information related to the client’s physical and mental health. Any noticeable changes should be immediately reported to the family if the caregiver is self-employed or to the agency the caregiver works for.

Caregiver job duties can be modified for an individual client. The amount of care and assistance will vary, but selecting a competent, compassionate and reliable caregiver will allow a client to remain independent in their home for as long as possible.  Contact a local homecare provider today.