Caregiver Tips for Alzheimer’s Patients

caregiver tips for alzheimers patientsIt has been estimated that over 5 million people in the United States suffer with Alzheimer’s disease. This disease is a progressive disease that causes mental deterioration that makes patients suffer with memory loss, mood and personality changes. Many caregivers for Alzheimer’s patients do not live in the same home as the patients. This can cause additional stress in the patient’s care plan, but several important caregiver tips for Alzheimer’s patients can help strengthen this bond and improve the patient’s quality of life.

Alzheimer’s is not only a progressive disease; it is also a fatal one. Some patients are able to live for up to 10 years after first being diagnosed with the disease. There is currently not a cure for the disease and the cause for the disease is still unknown. Many researchers believe there is a genetic link to the disease.

If you are caring for someone who has Alzheimer’s, the following caregiver tips for Alzheimer’s patients will help you and your loved one during the journey.

Keep the Home Calm and Free Of Clutter

Some patients with Alzheimer’s can quickly become agitated. It is important to make sure that their home environment is as calm and stable as possible. Keep arguments and loud discussions out of the home. If your loved one does become agitated, try playing soft music in the home and communicate with him or her in a calm and quiet manner.

Remain Patient

Although it is easy to become impatient and even feel resentful towards an Alzheimer’s patient, it is important that you understand that certain behaviors are considered symptoms of the disease and your loved one is not acting out intentionally.

Keep the Patient Active For As Long As Possible

The patient should be allowed to stay active for as long as it is safe for him or her to do so. Keeping contact with family and friends may help slow the progression of memory loss.

These are just a few of the caregiver tips for Alzheimer’s patients that you may want to include in your loved one’s care plan. Know that it is critical to take one day at a time. Always speak with the patient’s doctor immediately if there are severe changes to their mental health and seek support and respite care as needed.

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