Caregivers for the Disabled: What You Need to Know Before Hiring One

Caregivers for the DisabledHiring a caregiver for the disabled should be considered when your loved one needs constant supervision and help with basic daily activities like dressing. It’s important to give proper consideration to all aspect of the situation: patient needs, the family situation, finances and whether more than one caregiver is required. Prosper Home Care in Atlanta, Georgia offers a variety of services to meet the need of families and disabled individuals.

Patient Needs

Every patient’s disabilities, living situation, readiness to accept help and family support all affect the decision about a caregiver. Before you begin your search for a caregiver, carefully assess the situation. Someone who needs help with the basics — like eating, hygiene or getting dressed — requires a different level and type of caregiver than a disabled individual who also has complex medical needs.

Community Resources

A disabled person who lives in a rural or suburban setting will probably have different community resources than one who lives in a downtown area. A caregiver in the first situation may be required to have a driver’s license in order to take the patient to medical appointments, while in the second setting, public transportation or special medical transport services may be available. Other issues include whether the caregiver will be expected to shop for food or prepare meals (many communities offer home-delivered meals for disabled patients).

Caregivers for the Disabled Need Special Qualities

People who have disabilities need both physical and emotional support. A caregiver must be physically strong enough to perform tasks like lifting a patient or transferring the patient to a wheelchair without other assistance. Patience is required, as is the ability to encourage independence where possible while ensuring the patient doesn’t attempt something unsafe. The caregiver must also be alert to subtle changes that could signal a new or worsening health problem.

Hire Direct or Use a Service?

Some families choose to hire a caregiver directly. Give careful consideration to issues like honesty, personal characteristics and skills. The interview is vital, and the family must also consider issues surrounding pay, deductions, taxes and insurance. When you hire from a service, most of those issues become less relevant. Prosper Home Care can meet all of your needs for caregivers for the disabled. Our staff includes nursing personnel and home health aides, and we can provide meals, transportation, housekeeping, medication management and companionship. Please contact us today.