What Are Caregivers Responsibilities When Caring For Elderly Clients?

caregivers responsibilities A caregiver is a person who assists the elderly, injured or disabled with daily household tasks. Caregivers usually complete these tasks while visiting with the clients in the clients’ homes. In order for a caregiver to land employment in this field, they must be aware of the caregivers responsibilities that are vital when caring for these groups of people.

Home care companies usually schedule caregivers to stay with a client for a specified period of time. The company determines the schedule by the amount of assistance that the client requires from the caregiver. There are several common responsibilities and duties that caregivers have when they are assisting clients in the home.

Medical Care and Assistance

Caregivers with nursing and medical skills sometimes provide assistance to clients who need their medical conditions monitored. Caregivers can report any changes in the client’s medical condition to the client’s physician, and they may also be responsible for reminding clients to take their medication on time. The home care company may require the caregiver to monitor blood pressure and temperature. Wound care may also be part of the caregivers responsibilities.

Personal Care

Personal care is one of the main caregivers responsibilities. This is the primary reason why home care companies hire caregivers to assist clients at home. Dressing, bathing and grooming the client may be part of the caregivers responsibilities. If the caregiver is assigned to help the client get dressed, they should arrive at the home twice a day. The home care company also expects the caregiver to remain with the client until bathing is completed.

Caregivers Responsibilities Include Companionship

Although home care companies do not consider companionship a duty or responsibility, the home care company expects the caregiver to provide companionship to the client while they are on shift. They should ensure that the client does not feel lonely while the caregiver is in the home. The caregiver should encourage the client to participate in activities, and can suggest such activities as playing cards, reading books or working in the garden.

Caregivers responsibilities include a variety of tasks and services. However, the main goal of a caregiver is to ensure the overall health of a client.  To find a caregiver who is capable of all of his/her responsibilities, contact Prosper Home Care today.