Caring For the Elderly is Not Just Keeping Them Safe

Caring For the ElderlyFamily members and caregivers must consider several things when they are caring for the elderly. The senior’s health and finances are just two of the concerns. The addition of mental and emotional care and assistance can make the task seem almost impossible. However, it is important that caregivers do not become discouraged during this time. This can be one of the most satisfying moments in their lives.

Physical Health

One thing that caregivers can do when they are caring for the elderly is to make sure that all of the senior’s medications are stored together and labeled properly. Also make sure medical information is kept together in a secure location. Insurance cards and other vital medical information can also be placed in this location.

Make sure the home is equipped for the senior’s safety and ease of access. If the senior is using mobility aid equipment such as walkers or canes, ensure the flooring in the home is secure. Rugs should either be removed or firmly secured to the floor. Obstacles should also be removed from pathways and other walking areas. Seniors should get assistance with difficult transfers such as getting in and out of the bed or getting in and out of vehicles.

Mental Health

Keep the senior’s brain active and engaged by encouraging them to participate in word games, crossword puzzles and computer games. Teach them how to use the internet and help them find information about their interests online. You can also help them record their family history. Working on these activities daily will help maintain good mental health.

Emotional Health

Try to understand when the senior seems to be stubborn or uncooperative. The senior has had to deal with many changes including a change in their level of independence. Realize that they feel better when they are able to maintain some independence. Once you understand the reason for their stubbornness, you will be able to handle the situation better and avoid stress.

When caring for the elderly, you must take time to care for yourself as well. Be mindful of your emotions and never take any outbursts or negative comments personally. Seek out a support system that can provide an outlet for you during the difficult times. Also take regular breaks and get respite services if needed.

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