In-Home Senior Companionship Services or Nursing Home Care?

Many elders are not very happy when the decision is made to relocate them to a nursing home. The main reason why these seniors become depressed and angry is because they lose their independence and dignity. If your loved one

Companionship Services for Seniors Who Are Lonely at Home

Were you aware that research has shown that there is a very strong connection between a person’s social needs and his or her health? Did you know that there is also a connection between social needs and a person’s longevity?

Is A Home Care Companion The Best Choice For Your Loved One?

Your elderly parent or grandparent has finally reached a point in his or her life where he or she needs assistance handling day to day activities. This is the time when the family must decide if the senior would fare

Tips for Travel Companion Services for Seniors

Traveling with elderly parents or other relatives can become overwhelming and frustrating if the proper preparations are not made ahead of time. Long distance traveling can be physically exhausting for seniors, and stressful for their companions. It is important to

How to Find Excellent Elderly Companion Services

Elderly companion services are typically defined as support services that are non-medical and are delivered in a person’s home. The main goal of these services is to allow seniors to remain as independent as they can while remaining at home