Tips for Medication Tracking For the Elderly

When used correctly, elderly medication can improve the lives of seniors. However, when patients do not use medications as directed, they can cause many problems. Seniors often encounter problems when they try to manage several different prescriptions from several doctors.

What Is Medication Adherence?

Many patients and caregivers are not familiar with the issues associated with medication non-compliance and may wonder what is medication adherence. Surprisingly, it is estimated that as many as three out of every four patients in the United States do

Medication Management for Seniors

Recent studies have concluded that over 30 million seniors suffer from complications with medications every year. Almost 200,000 of these seniors have medicinal complications that are considered life threatening. It is often difficult for doctors to diagnose a medication overdose

The Best Ways to Incorporate Medication Tracking in Senior Care

Even the nicest senior care worker will step on a few toes by treating medication like a chore, or by giving patients the attitude that they’re being naughty by missing a pill or two. Elderly people are adults. Many still

How To Prevent The Most Common Medication Problems with Simple Medication Monitoring Solutions

For seniors, medication can either act as a lifeline for overall health, or can be disasterous when taken inappropiately. When medication doses are not taken correctly, the end result can be fatal. Fortunately, there is several simple medication monitoring solutions

Medication Adherence Programs For Hypertension

Medication adherence programs are essential to successfully controlling hypertension in many patients. Unfortunately, only around half of the Americans who are treated for hypertension with medication actually follow the advice of their physicians for their medication therapy. Medication adherence is

Tips for Keeping Track Of Your Medication

Studies have shown that the average senior over the age of 65 is prescribed between two and eight different prescriptions. It can be difficult to find a way to monitor all of these medications. However, it is important that seniors

Adherence to Medication: The Importance of Medication Reminders

When a person suddenly becomes ill, or has a chronic health condition, it can be difficult to continue with the routine he or she is accustomed to following on a daily basis. Exercise and work productivity may decline, and the

The Importance of Medication Monitoring For the Elderly

As a person gets older, he or she may need to take more medication than he or she used to take. If the senior is taking more than one medication at a time, the medications can interfere with each other,