Companionship Services for Seniors Who Are Lonely at Home

companionship services for seniorsWere you aware that research has shown that there is a very strong connection between a person’s social needs and his or her health? Did you know that there is also a connection between social needs and a person’s longevity? Surveys show when family and friends do not meet an elderly person’s social needs, he or she can have a decline in health. It is crucial that not only are medical conditions addressed but social health as well. Family members can ensure their elderly loved ones maintain a healthy social life by hiring companionship services for seniors.

Doctors Cannot Write Prescriptions for Loneliness

It seems that it would be an easy solution, simply write every aging person a prescription to cure his or her isolation. Unfortunately, these types of challenges can be difficult to overcome especially if the senior lives alone. Seniors often lose touch with those who are close to them due to losses, impaired mobility, or other issues.

The Solution: Companionship Services for Seniors

Fortunately, there is a solution that improves a senior’s health and wellness. It also gives family members peace of mind. The family knows that the companion meets their loved one’s mental, emotional and social needs. Companionship services for seniors help fill in the gap that is typically created when a person gets older.

A professional companion helps seniors with household tasks, provides companionship and monitors the senior’s safety. They engage the senior in conversation, help plan social gatherings such as shopping trips and outings to the zoo and also help to encourage the senior to stay as active as possible by walking or performing other types of light exercise.

Seniors who live alone often suffer in silence, and their physical, emotional and mental health declines. They are no longer socially active and miss having a companion in their lives. Companionship services for seniors provide the missing link through regular visits to the home to enjoy a cup of tea or go for a walk.

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