Daily Medication Monitoring For Seniors

daily medication monitoringDaily medication monitoring is critical for seniors, and it is often an issue of concern for their family members. Fortunately, there are resources available that can provide assistance to seniors. These resources can help maintain independence and quality of life. Many seniors often equate feeling older by the number of different medications they must take daily. This can cause depression and social withdrawal in elders.

What Your Senior Family Member Should Take to Each Doctor’s Appointment

Every time your elderly parent or family member visits a physician, you should make sure that the doctor is informed of the current medications he or she is taking. Bring along a current medication list with you, or you can bring the actual containers to the appointment. The list should include prescription medications, over the counter medications and herbal supplements and creams. It is important that the doctor is aware of all medications because some over the counter medications can alter the effectiveness of prescription medications.

When the doctors are not informed of current medications, medications can be prescribed more than once, or medications can be prescribed that conflict with each other. This can make not only make daily medication monitoring difficult, it can also compromise your loved one’s overall health.

How Medications Can Be Managed

For many seniors, they will not require assistance with managing their medications. These seniors use inexpensive pill organizers to help them remember when and what medications should be taken. However, for seniors who need more assistance, family members can monitor medications or a professional caregiver can be hired to ensure that the senior is in compliance with their medications. Frequent reminders or regular notifications may be all seniors need to stay on track.

There are some pharmacies that will package doses in daily medication cards that have removable cups. The cards are coded in certain colors to correspond with the different dosage times throughout the day. Dispensing machines and other units have also been designed to help patients manage medications easier.

Daily medication monitoring is important for patients of all ages. Taking numerous medications daily can cause confusion and complications. Having a successful monitoring schedule in place will help your loved one maintain wellness.

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