Are Your Parents In Need Of Elderly In Home Care Services?

elderly in home care services - Lilburn, GaWhen you are visiting your elderly parents, it should be an experience that is enjoyable for everyone. Anytime the family gets together during the holidays or outings it should be an opportunity to create memories that are unforgettable. However, during this time it is also important to do a wellness check in your parents’ house. If you begin to notice signs that your parents are having difficulty being in the home alone, you may choose to hire elderly in home care services.

Many times elderly parents goes through several different emotions as they deal with the fact that their abilities to manage the household effectively have diminished. The most common emotions are embarrassment and fear. They may be embarrassed once the family learns about the decline in health and/or mobility, and there may also be a feeling of fear that they will be relocated to a nursing home facility. 

Fortunately, there are many options for elderly in home care services for seniors who need assistance in the home. For many elders, these types of services can enable them to not only remain independent, but to also live the lifestyle they have become accustomed to.

The next time you are walking through your parents’ home, take some time to assess the home carefully to determine if they could benefit from this type of service. 

What Is The Condition Of The Home?

A home that is always unkempt and messy may be one of the first signs that your parents are having problems keeping the home clean. Check for:

  • Piles of unopened mail
  • Stacks of paper lying around
  • Unwashed dishes in the sink

What Does The Refrigerator Look Like?

Checking the cleanliness of the refrigerator is another way to determine if your parent is having problems with simple household tasks. It is also an opportunity to see if your parents are eating well balanced meals. Any food that is moldy or past the expiration date should be removed immediately, but you should be as discreet as possible so you will not embarrass your parent. 

Does Your Parent Still Have A Social Life?

Watch for signs that your elderly parents are avoiding attending social events. This could be a sign that they are becoming isolated. Are they avoiding events because they no longer have any interest or because they are no longer able to communicate effectively? 

Elderly in home care services can help your parents live at home safely. It does not matter what type of service your loved ones need, they could benefit from these services.

Do your parents need a professional caregiver to assist them with daily chores or just to provide companionship? Contact Prosper Home Care today!