Essential Senior Home Care Duties Your Mom Needs Every Day

senior home care
The US Department of Health and Human Services estimates that nearly two-thirds of seniors who receive senior home care services are women. With life expediencies growing, and considering that more women than men outlive their spouses, senior women will continue to claim a bigger chunk of home care services. Elderly women require a specific set of home care services. You can probably expect your elderly mother or grandmother to need these senior home care services someday as well.

Senior Home Care for Women

Many women spend their entire lives taking care of others and neglecting themselves. Caring for children; being attentive to their husbands; keeping house; and running errands. For the majority of families, most of those tasks fall on the woman’s shoulders. The female caregiver often puts her own health and happiness last on her to-do list. So it’s no wonder that when a woman grows older, her medication regimen or physical therapy needs may fall to the wayside. Your mother may need frequent encouragement to stay on track with her medical needs.

Senior women are more likely to live alone than senior men. Therefore, it’s that much more important that your mother have a Life Alert device in case of an unfortunate accident. Life Alert ensures that if your mother is somehow incapacitated in her home, help is just a click of a button away.

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