Home Care FAQs

What is Non-Medical Home Care Services?

Non-Medical Home Care services provide support with activities of daily living (ADL’s) to allow someone to remain in the home where they are most comfortable, and have the assistance they need to manage tasks of daily life. These services might include, but are not limited to: assistance with bathing, dressing, toileting oral hygiene, help with meal preparation, medication reminders, light housekeeping, laundry and linen assistance, running errands and providing transportation, as well as companionship and safety monitoring and oversight.

Does Medicare, Medicaid or Private Insurance pay for Non-Medical Home Care Services?

Unfortunately, at this point in time, non-medical home care services are not a covered benefit through Medicare or private health insurance. However, there are several Medicaid Waiver Programs in Georgia where if someone meets financial and physical eligibility, they may be able to receive in-home care services at little or no cost.

Prosper Home Care is currently a provider for two Medicaid Waiver Programs in Georgia; SOURCE (Service Options Utilizing Service Options in Georgia) and CCSP (Community Care Services Program). Please contact us at 404-623-8000 if you would like more information on these programs and eligibility requirements.

I have a Long-Term Care Insurance Policy. Can you Work with our Company?

Absolutely! We have great relationships with many long-term care insurance companies and are very comfortable working with them to assist you with receiving the in-home care services you need.

Can you Provide Services in a Setting such as a Hospital, Assisted Living Community or Skilled Nursing Facility?

We sure can! Anywhere that someone calls “home” is where we are able to provide our caregiving services. Sometimes an individual may be in a facility for just a short period of time and feel like they need a little extra support and attention. We are happy to provide our professional caregivers to care for someone living in a facility or community setting.

Can we Select our Own Caregiver?

Definitely! We will not be happy until you are happy—customer service is our number one priority and we want your involvement in the caregiver selection process. Once you have provided us with some important details about you or your loved ones needs, likes and dislikes, you will then have the option of meeting a couple of caregivers we have hand-picked just for you. If it’s a fit, great! If it’s not, we will work with you until we have the caregiver that YOU have in mind! This is a relationship we want you to be happy with and we are committed to your complete satisfaction.

Are Caregivers Allowed to Administer Medication?

No. As a licensed home care provider in the State of Georgia, our caregivers are NOT allowed to administer medications. This is due to the fact that if an error with administration were ever to occur, there is no physician or emergency medical assistance in the home to help the client. It is for the client’s safety and best interest that this rule is in place. Our caregivers can remind and “cue” forgetful clients to take their medications, but cannot set up a pill box, or place medicine of any kind in the client’s mouth, eyes or through a feeding tube.

Can Prosper Home Care Provide Specialized Care Needs?

There are often clients who have specialized care needs, such as vent care, trach care or a feeding tube who contact us at Prosper Home Care. We will look at each client on a case-by-case situation and determine if we are able to meet the need. If we are unable to meet a need, we will be happily connect you to an excellent provider who can easily manage the needs of your loved one.

Is there an Hourly Minimum for Care Services?

After almost 10 years of providing in-home care services in Georgia, we’ve come to recognize that there are circumstances where you may not need a 4+ hour shift of care services. So, we will work with you to make accommodations if you are only in need of 2 or 3 hour shifts of care. We want to provide a consistent caregiver for you so please talk to us about your needs if they are for less than 4 hour increments of time.

Is there a Contract to Sign in order to Start Care?

No. There is no contract to sign—we understand that circumstances may change in your life and we are here to provide services however your needs change. We only have your sign a Service Agreement that spells out what we are going to provide and what you can expect from working with our company.

Are there any Additional Costs to Know About?

The only additional cost there could be is a mileage fee of .55 cents/mile if our caregiver provides transportation in his/her own vehicle. If they use your vehicle, there are no additional fees. That’s all!

What if I need to Talk with Someone in the Office After Hours?

Prosper Home Care is available to you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You will always be able to speak with a live person who will be familiar with you/your family member to assist with any needs you are experiencing.   Once the office is closed, there is an on-call staff member who can assist you.

What is the Benefit of Using Prosper Home Care over a Private Caregiver?

Simply put….peace of mind! When you decide to work with Prosper Home Care, you are provided with peace of mind knowing that we have done the criminal background check, thorough reference checks, and that your caregiver is OUR employee who is also covered under Worker’s Compensation Insurance, Bonded against theft, and covered under Professional and Company Liability Insurance in the event of any unexpected occurrences.

How Often do you Bill for Services?

We invoice on a 2 week rotation and you are welcome to pay either by check or credit card, whatever is most convenient. We can send invoices to either a home address or by email—it’s your preference!