How to Find the Right Caregiver for My Special Needs Child

How to Find the Right CaregiverFinding the right caregiver for a special needs child can be very tricky, especially if it’s the first time around. Gary Dietz, author of Dads of Disability, notes that he interviewed 75 people to hire a dozen over the course of the years, and not all of those were successful hires. There’s a difference, too between hiring a caregiver so the parents can have a night out and hiring someone full-time. In both cases, though, you’ll want a caregiver with compassion and good skills who keeps your child safe and happy.

Assess the Situation

Each child is in a unique situation; age, level of disability, living situation and whether a child has medical issues as well as mental or emotional special needs will determine what you need from a caregiver. A special needs child who can’t walk needs a different kind of care than a child who is physically healthy but has severe autism. As you consider how to find the right caregiver, determine what the deal-breakers are for your situation. For example, if you have to choose between someone who builds great rapport with your child but has a slightly lower level of ability to provide physical assistance, which is more important?

Location, Location

Some children with special needs do better in a day care targeted to that population. Others are happiest with one-on-one care, or may have more complex needs that can’t be met in day care. When considering how to find the right caregiver, make sure you identify and take a careful look at all your options. It may also make a difference if you live in a city where transportation is readily available or in the suburbs where your caregiver must have a car and be able to drive.

How to Find the Right Caregiver

Cast a wide net — ask friends, relatives and professional resources like the family doctor about possible caregivers. Develop a list of questions that allows you to start with phone screening; only candidates that meet your requirements need be interviewed face-to-face. You can also turn to professional resources like Prosper Home Care in Atlanta, Georgia. We can do all the basic sorting, like background checks and confirmation of training and experience. All you need to do is interview and choose. Please call us today and find out why our patients love us.