Grandparents as Caregivers: It Happens More Than You Think

grandparents as caregiversDo you have a disabled grandchild who has come to live with you? Are you interested in learning more about specific issues that affect grandparents as caregivers for their disabled grandchildren? Fortunately, once you recognize these issues and understand how to handle them properly, the health of your grandchild and your relationship with your grandchild will certainly improve.

According to several published reports, there are over 5 million children in the United States who are being raised by grandparents or relatives. The grandparents are quite often the head of these households, and many of these children have one or more disabilities. This can place additional stress on an already complicated living situation. There are several issues that can affect this fragile home environment, but there are resources available to make the journey easier for you and your loved one.

Special Education Classes

One issue that affects grandparents as caregivers is the understanding of Special Education Laws on the Federal and State levels. It can be difficult to navigate the system, and many school districts implement their own requirements regarding guardianship or custody. Grandparents also need to understand how the classes teach and test students. Maintaining an open line of communication with school administrators and teachers is also important.

Health Insurance

Many health insurance companies will not insure a policyholder’s grandchildren even if the grandchildren live with the policyholder full time. Some insurance companies also consider disabilities to be pre-existing conditions, and that may prevent the disabled grandchild from receiving much needed health insurance coverage.

Establishing a Night Time Routine

It can be frustrating and time consuming to get morning tasks completed for a disabled grandchild. However, if you can help your grandchild complete as many of these tasks as possible at night, the child will feel a greater sense of accomplishment. He or she will be more excited about the upcoming events for the next day.

Grandparents as caregivers can utilize resources that are available to them such as professional caregivers. These caregivers can provide additional care and assistance as well as respite care if needed.

While raising a disabled grandchild can be an unexpected and difficult situation, outside resources and support is available. Grandparents can become advocates for their disabled grandchild.

As a parenting grandparent, you do not have to feel you are alone. Contact Prosper Home Care for more information or to schedule a free assessment.