Several Ways Help for Seniors At Home Services Are Beneficial

help for seniors at homeAging loved ones often become more fragile as they become older. Some even need to be under constant watch to ensure that they do not slip, fall or trip and become injured as a result. These are some of the reasons why emergency help for seniors at home services can be beneficial to seniors who live alone.

There are several scenarios that commonly occur when seniors live at home alone, and may warrant emergency home care assistance. These scenarios are:

  • Unexpected hospital discharge
  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Assistance when family members are not available
  • Emergency care due to sudden illness or injury

Personal Care and Personal Assistance

Help for seniors at home services include a variety of tasks that seniors need assistance with, but one that many seniors need is personal care. This care is often provided for seniors who have mobility limitations or recently had surgery. This type of care can include:

  • Assistance with bathing
  • Assistance with grooming
  • Assistance with dressing

These are invaluable services that allow seniors to remain independent at home while also getting the care and attention they need when they need it.

Mobility Assistance

As previously discussed, mobility issues can pose a major problem for seniors who are trying to move around in their homes. Disabled seniors may need assistance transferring during their ADLs or while attempting to take care of household chores. Caregivers can provide assistance if the senior needs to go to the bathroom, or simply want to go outside to enjoy the weather.

Medication Reminders

Dementia, memory loss and other types of mental illnesses can make it difficult for seniors to remember dates, times and medication regimens. Professional caregivers can provide medication reminders for seniors so they can take their medications as scheduled. The reminders will also prevent seniors from taking more than the recommended dosage.

Help for seniors at home services are beneficial to those who are living with disabilities, chronic illnesses and are home bound. Emergency services provide your loved one with the support and the care he or she needs at the right time. It also gives you the reassurance you need to know your loved one is being well cared for even when you cannot be there.

If your loved one lives in the Atlanta area and needs emergency help at home services, contact us for a free assessment. Our highly trained and caring caregivers will help to improve your loved one’s quality of life while they remain at home.