Tips for Helping Elderly Parents

helping elderly parentsMost of us with elderly parents have received the dreaded call in the middle of the night. “We are in the emergency room. Your dad is having chest pain and his blood pressure is really high.”  We immediately think, Should I go to the ER? Does mom have all of the insurance and paper work she needs? What would have happened if mom wasn’t there? And the million other questions that go through our minds. Now that your parents are home from the ER, here are some tips we could all use for helping elderly parents.

Create a Document Station

First off, meet with your parents and collect all of their important medical documents, such as insurance cards, list of medications with dosage and how often taken, medical records, and living wills if applicable. Make a copy of all of these documents and place them in a folder. This folder should be in a central location. Everyone involved with your parents care should know about this folder and have access to it in case of an emergency.

Consider Emergency Response Monitoring

Secondly, personal emergency response monitoring is a great tool for helping elderly parents. When you cannot be there because of work or other responsibilities, your mom or dad can just press a button and help will be on the way. Professionals created these monitoring systems to help seniors who may fall in a home or in a garden and cannot gain access to a phone to call 911. These systems have been known to save lives when seniors are at home alone.

Consider Meal Services

Furthermore, some elderly parents are fine planning their meals and grocery shopping. They are even fine cooking their own meals. But you may be worried that they are forgetting to turn off the stove top or oven. You can help your elderly parents by choosing a meal service that can be involved in as much or as little of the following: grocery shopping, meal planning, food preparation, monitoring food expiration dates, monitoring food intake and appetite, preparing future meals, and kitchen clean up.

Consider Transportation Services

In addition, helping elderly parents can become more challenging when it comes to discussing driving. You will find that most seniors do not want to give up their independence by giving up their keys. If you feel that it is time that your parents stop driving, you can hire a transportation service. Transportation services do not always mean cabs or taxis. You can hire a personal driver that is also a trained home caregiver.

Prosper Home Care Loves Helping Elderly Parents

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