Is A Home Care Companion The Best Choice For Your Loved One?

Stone Mountain home care companionYour elderly parent or grandparent has finally reached a point in his or her life where he or she needs assistance handling day to day activities. This is the time when the family must decide if the senior would fare better in a nursing home facility, or if they should remain in their home with the assistance of a home care companion.

There are many factors the family should consider when deciding the best way to provide assistance for a senior.


One of the most common reasons for senior depression is the death of a spouse. If the couple has lived together for several decades, the depression may be extremely deep and intense. There is not a right or wrong answer for a situation like this because changes can be sudden and unpredictable.

Depression is an illness that can predispose a senior to other health conditions including mental impairment. However, if the elderly person was in good health prior to the incident, it is a possibility that he or she can regain good mental health and begin to participate in activities once again with the help of a home care companion.

Or, if the senior already had physical and/or mental limitations, the senior may slide into a deeper depression.

A Strong Desire to Stay At Home

Many seniors do not want to even consider moving into a long term care facility. These seniors would like to have a companion in their home who can provide them with assistance. Although there are many seniors who would rather have their privacy, there are other who thrive with company.

If the decision has been made that the senior is better off remaining in the home, several questions must be answered. Some of the questions that should be answered are:

  • Should a companion come into the home daily, weekly, etc.?
  • How much physical assistance does the senior require?
  • Is their condition deteriorating too fast?

Many times, family members know that the senior requires more supervision around the home than the senior may want.

The home care companion that you choose for your loved one will spend a lot of time with the senior in the home. Make sure to take the senior’s personality and preferences into account when hiring a companion for this type of arrangement.

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