What Are Home Care Facilities?

home care facilitiesIn the 21st century, senior citizens no longer have to worry about being relocated to an ‘old folks facility’ if they are not able to remain independent in their homes. Home care facilities have transformed the way that elders and their families look at residential and long term care facilities. The facility owners equip and hire staff to handle different types of senior care by meeting the mental, emotional and physical needs of the client. When the staff meet these needs, seniors are able to lead productive and comfortable lives.

So, if you are considering this type of facility for your aging loved one, you should know the different types of assistance that is available at home care facilities.

Why the Need for Home Care Facilities?

Owners developed facilities to offer seniors, disabled individuals and younger people with the care and services they need so they are able to live in comfort and safety. Clients can receive help with chores and tasks such as:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Meal prep
  • Medication reminders and administering

The facilities also allow patients to enjoy various rehabilitation and physical activity opportunities. All of the services provide a stable and nurturing environment for the patient, as well as making sure that the patient receives the medical care that they need.

The Different Types of Home Care Facilities

There are several types of facilities that cater to seniors. Assisted living communities, nursing homes, group homes and adult day care are options that are available to elderly patients. Hence, the type of facility that the patient chooses will depend on many different factors including:

  • The patient’s physical competency
  • The patient’s mental competency
  • The facility’s location
  • The cost
  • The available amenities

In conclusion, family members should discuss the options with the senior, the senior’s physician and a social worker so the best facility is chosen for the senior.  Call a local home care facility today to have all of your questions answered.