Meal Services for Dementia Patients – Effective Nutrition Tips

meal services for dementia patientsIt can be challenging for dementia clients to prepare healthy and nutritious meals to eat. Unfortunately, as their cognitive function becomes reduced, it can simply be too overwhelming for them to decide what they should and should not eat. It may also become more difficult for them to use certain eating utensils. In addition, depending on the severity of their dementia, they may not remember to eat. Meal services for dementia patients will ensure that your loved one has nutritious and delicious meals every day.

The Importance of Nutrition

Everyone needs to eat a nutrient dense diet in order to keep their body’s strong. However, a person with dementia may have poor nutrition and therefore an increased chance of weight loss. Simple nutrition tips can not only improve the health of a dementia patient, these tips can also improve the health of the caregiver too.

  • Reduce the consumption of foods that are high in saturated fat
  • Reduce the consumption of refined sugars
  • Eat a variety of well-balanced foods
  • Do not eat foods that are high in sodium

As dementia progresses, the main concerns are lack of appetite and the loss of weight. Your loved one’s doctor may prescribe supplements, and regularly scheduled meal services for dementia patients will ensure your loved one is eating a healthy diet.

Make Mealtime Stress Free

During the advanced stages of dementia, the slightest distractions and interruptions can agitate your loved one. Make sure every mealtime is as stress free as possible. There are several tips you can follow to make mealtime enjoyable:

  • Test the temperatures of foods and drinks
  • Minimize distractions
  • Maintain a plain table setting
  • Eat with your loved one
  • Make sure there is a distinction between the food and the plate
  • Do not serve too many different foods at the same time

During mealtime, you should encourage your loved one to be independent. Do not get upset if he or she spills food or drinks. Also modify plates and cups so he or she can access the food easier. Never serve foods that are difficult to eat and instead serve finger foods such as sandwiches, sliced fruit or fish sticks.

Meal Services for Dementia Patients Prevents Malnutrition

Professional meal services for dementia patients can prevent malnutrition and weight loss. If you are concerned about your loved one’s current meal plan, and you want to ensure he or she receive the nutrition needed, find a reliable home care agency in your area that offers this type of service.

Your loved one’s schedule is our schedule. Our caregivers can assist with grocery shopping, meal preparation, meal planning and more. Request more information or contact us for a free assessment.