Four Myths About Non-Medical Home Care Service

non-medical home care serviceNon-medical home care service is an increasingly common need for American senior citizens. Not all seniors require full nursing care, and that’s where non-medical home care comes in. There are many misconceptions about non-medical home care providers; it’s time to put these myths to rest once and for all.


1. Non-medical home care service providers cannot help with medications

Your  provider will be glad to help you organize your medications to ensure that you take them correctly and consistently. He or she can also help you complete exercises and stretches prescribed by your physical therapist. In addition, your non-medical home care provider can transport you to doctor’s appointments.

2. A non-medical home care service provider is not well trained

A provider is at least as well trained, as those who work in hospitals and other facilities. A home care provider works on their own in clients’ homes and must be able to think fast and work independently. There is no medical backup for them in your home, and they must be prepared at all times.

3. Non-medical home care is a short-term arrangement

If you wish to remain in your home and you are able to care for yourself to a reasonable extent, then there is no limit to how long your non-medical home care can last.

4. Non-medical home care service is only for senior citizens

People who are recovering from surgery or illness or who suffer from a chronic condition, regardless of age, can benefit from non-medical home care.

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