What Is Non-Medical Home Care And What Are The Advantages It Offers Patients?

non-medical home care atlanatIf you are exploring home healthcare options for yourself or a loved one, chances are you have gathered some information about non-medical home care. This can be one of the most difficult decisions that you will have to make, but when you understand how home care works, and the different options available, you will have the knowledge to make an educated decision. You will then want to schedule a consultation with an agency that specializes in the services you are seeking.

The following is basic information about home care that you should take into consideration.

Understanding Non-Medical Home Care

Non-medical home care is healthcare that is provided to a client that does not involve medical services. It also does not contain skilled nursing services. You or your loved one can receive help with different types of needs on a daily, weekly or monthly basis including:

How to Become A Client for Non-Medical Services

Age is not a factor when determining if someone would benefit from non-medical health services. If you or your loved one does not have a need for skilled nursing services, you or your loved one qualify to receive these services at home. The agency will conduct an assessment so the provider will know the services that the client would benefit from the most. After the evaluation has been completed, you will be presented with a plan for proposed care.

The company that you hire should only employ professionals who have passed the proper background checks. The agency should also be licensed. Although the caregiver can provide most of the needs that your loved one may have, the caregiver should not administer medication or monitor any vital signs.

How to Determine If You or Your Loved One Should Use Non-Medical Services

If you or your loved one wants to remain independent and do not want to move into a residential home or assisted living facility, it may be time to hire a home care agency. People age and their abilities diminish at different rates. To determine if you or loved one needs assistance in the home, answer the following questions.

Are you or your loved one:

  • losing weight or malnourished due to increased difficulty in cooking meals or grocery shopping?
  • having problems with personal hygiene tasks such as dressing?
  • having problems trying to complete simple household chores?

Non-medical home care services are an affordable option when you consider all of the services that are provided. Contact an Atlanta agency today if you believe that you or someone you care about could experience a better quality of life by utilizing these services.