How Non-Medical Home Care for Seniors Changed How We Feel About Needing Assistance

non-medical home care for seniorsMost people don’t think about non-medical home care for seniors when considering their elderly relatives’ needs. They go through a checklist starting with medication or doctor’s appointments and continue on to incidentals like Kleenex. Recent research continues to drive home the importance of companion care during later stages in life. Isolation can bring on depression, and in conjunction with physical or cognitive failings, the result is a population silently at risk.

Suicide rates among elderly white men are among the highest in the country. Doctors at the Rochester Medical Center have identified four main causes.

Social disconnection

Fear of being a burden

Inability to provide their own daily care

Pain or illness

Non-Medical Home Care for Seniors Can Help

Non-medical home care for seniors can manage all but one of these. Professional companions are trained and vetted to ensure they’re a safe and reliable resource for your family. They’re well-versed in your area’s senior opportunities for socializing as well. In addition, Companions can help provide daily care and encourage social involvement at an affordable price, so your loved ones get the support they need without feeling like burdens.

Elderly suicide rates are higher because depression among older people looks different from what we expect. Sadness is not the only face of depression. In addition, losing interest in hobbies, losing your appetite and just not feeling quite right can all be signs you need medical attention. Most noteworthy, they’re also signs a companion caregiver can help identify.

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