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Meal Planning And Preparation

Has cooking become tough for you? Are you worried about leaving the stove on? Have you lost interest in cooking or planning meals? Or maybe you just need an extra set of hands in the kitchen. Why not let someone else do it for you! Let Prosper Home Care step in and prepare your meals or assist you in the kitchen. Our caregivers are excellent cooks and are able to prepare food completely on your direction. If you like good ol’ southern cooking, our caregivers can cook those grits just how you like them!

Prosper Home Care caregivers are educated in healthy meal preparation. They know which foods to prepare to follow your physician’s prescribed diet. Our caregivers are also quite creative in the kitchen and may introduce you to some new cuisines!

Meal services include: Grocery shopping, kitchen clean up, meal planning and preparation, monitoring expiration dates, monitoring client’s food intake and appetite, and preparing future meals.

Your schedule is ours. Finding the right person to help means finding a person who is available when you need them. And because we’ve been in your shoes before, we know that life does not always happen according to schedule. That is why we adjust our schedule when needed. Sometimes that means rescheduling, other times it means staying a little later than planned because you are stuck in traffic. We’re here to help you solve problems, not cause you more.

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