3 Ways Proper Medication Monitoring is Essential to Effective Elderly Care

elderly careElderly care commonly involves keeping track of multiple medications and their dosing schedules. Having a professional to manage these for your loved one provides many benefits over expecting them to handle this burden alone. There is a surprising number of benefits you get from just having someone there to pay attention to their drug schedule.

Benefit #1: Someone focused on medication use will also notice side effects.

A professional educated in medications knows what reactions and side effects point to problems. Family members often don’t have this training. They assume a doctor wouldn’t prescribe something that would cause a problem. Or, they think that a medication won’t cause issues if it’s been taken for quite awhile. Unfortunately, they do and they can.

Benefit #2: The elderly stick to their medication schedule when someone else keeps track.

A professional will take the time to discuss medications with patients and ask about problems. More importantly, they take notes. Professionals notice when the amount of pills in the bottles don’t match up with the amounts being taken.  Then, they will take the time to figure out why. Elderly people often become forgetful as they get older, but they also forgo taking medications if they’re feeling overwhelmed. Having a frequent visitor that will questions their meds will ensure patients keep up with their schedules.

Benefit #3: Professionals get updates on medical and community information.

Drugs are constantly changing. Some drugs have replacements that are safer, more effective alternatives. Elderly care providers often keep track of these developments, if only by way of seeing other patients replace prescriptions for one medicine with those for another. Support providers also run into situations where their patients need help, and can be an excellent source for information on local resources or pharmacy savings. Hiring an expert even for a few hours of assistance each week can offer benefits above and beyond relying on family.

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