The Role of Stroke Caregivers in the Home

Stroke CaregiversStroke caregivers play a very important role in a stroke patient’s recovery. Everyone involved after a stroke experiences many emotions. The caregiver should promote positivity in the home so that the patient as well as the family members feels less stress. The recovery process after a stroke is different for each patient, and even if the survivor is able to complete most tasks without assistance, the caregiver should still be available to provide any additional assistance that may be needed.

There are several ways that caregivers can assist stroke survivors and their family members.

Assist With Daily Activities

Chances are when the client returns home for the first time, they may not be well enough to go about their daily routine without assistance. Stroke caregivers can assist with such activities as hygiene and personal care. The caregiver may help prepare or give the patient a bath, comb their hair and/or dress the client.

Provide Support

In addition to assisting the client with personal hygiene, the caregiver will also be available to provide emotional, physical and mental support. Every patient’s reaction after having a stroke is different. A caregiver will be trained to offer the support that a client will need during the recovery process.

Provide Assistance with Medication Reminders

Doctors may restrict the activities that a stroke survivor can take part in after they get home. Memory loss can affect some stroke survivors, and this can affect the way they remember to take their medications. A caregiver can provide the client with medication reminders so they can travel down the road to recovery faster.

Adult Children of Stroke Survivors

Adult children who care for a parent who have had a stroke may also need support during this time. A professional caregiver can allow family members to take a break from caregiving while also reassuring them that their family member is receiving quality care. The caregiver will communicate with the family regularly regarding the client’s progress.

Stroke caregivers and stroke survivors should become ‘care partners’ in the survivor’s recovery. A professional and experienced caregiver will help the survivor recover while they stay in the comfort of their home.  Contact a stroke caregiver in the Stone Mountain, GA area today.