Senior Help At Home

senior help at homeIf you ask older people where they prefer to stay when they get older, the majority of them will prefer to stay in their homes instead of moving into a facility. They wish to stay healthy and fit as long as they possibly can so they will not have to depend on others to care for them. Unfortunately, if they cannot receive adequate senior help at home; they may eventually find themselves using their life savings to live in a long term care facility.

There are few things less frustrating for an adult child than to see their parents’ mental and physical abilities diminish and the parents struggle to care for themselves properly. Although many adult children would love to quit their jobs and care for their parents full time, this is often more of a dream and less of a reality for many people.

Balance Issues – Senior Help At Home

One of the major issues seniors have as they become older is mobility and balance. Balance issues are also some of the most common reasons why seniors seek treatment from their physicians. It is critical to have balance so you stay mobile, do not become dizzy, remain independent and complete your daily routine. When a senior has an unsteady gait, simple tasks like bending or walking can become extremely difficult.

Slips and falls are also caused by balance issues. Injuries from these types of accidents can lead to bone fractures, especially hip fractures. A fracture in the hip can severely affect a senior’s quality of life and his or her independence. It is important to ensure that the home has safeguards in place to prevent slips and falls.

Shopping, Meal Preparation

Another area where seniors could benefit from assistance in the home is with grocery shopping and/or meal preparation. Seniors who can no longer shop and prepare their own meals can hire a caregiver to assist with these tasks. Family members can contact local home healthcare agencies to inquire about this type of service.

Family members should sit down with their elderly loved one and have an honest conversation about their needs if possible. Many elders are embarrassed to admit that they need senior help at home. However, it is one of the ways that they can maintain their independence while staying in a familiar place.

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