A little (or a lot) goes a long way. Perhaps the senior in your life is remarkably independent, but just needs a little help here and there. Perhaps they require more extensive help. Either way, we can develop a custom plan to meet their specific needs.

We know there are situations and needs you might have when seeking help to care for a loved one. Our caregivers are available for almost every circumstance, planned or unexpected, short-term or long-term. We’re ready to provide home care services for senior clients, children, those progressing through rehab, and loved ones with cancer, Muscular Dystrophy and Multiple Sclerosis among others.

Flexible Schedules

Your schedule is ours. Finding the right person to help means finding a person who is available when you need them. And because we’ve been in your shoes before, we know that life does not always happen according to schedule. That is why we adjust our schedule when needed. Sometimes that means rescheduling, other times it means staying a little later than planned because you are stuck in traffic. We’re here to help you solve problems, not cause you more.

No Hourly Minimums

Sometimes you just need to get out of the house. No problem. We will cover for you while you run errands, get to a scheduled appointment or just have lunch with a friend. Only Prosper Home Care caregivers offers you support an hour at a time, with no minimum visit requirements. Hopefully the fact that we’ll come for less time means you’ll take more time to do things for yourself.

Companion Care – Atlanta

Do you spend most of your day without companionship? Do you have a grand father who could use a friendly visit? There are times in all of our lives where it is good to have company visit just to talk, share a meal together, or play some games. Prosper Home Care caregivers can provide that much needed attention and mental stimulation. Our Atlanta caregivers can come out and give you or your loved one that special companionship.
Our Atlanta caregivers are learning new games every day. They can also participate in craft and scrapbooking projects. These activities can provide you or your loved one with the companionship and entertainment that breaks up the monotony of the day.

Examples of activities Prosper Home Care services include: Letter writing, discussing past or present events, planning outings, crafts, playing mind stimulating games, and even reading to the client.

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Home Care Services – Atlanta

Help around the house.  A light bulb needs changing. The recycling bin needs to come in off the curb.  A leaky toilet needs a little TLC. Need help changing the sheets or cleaning the kitchen?  Prosper Home Care caregivers do all of that, and more. Like a friend of the family would.

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Personal Care Services

Need help with everyday personal things.  Not being able to change clothes by yourself can be a frustrating task.  Is bathing a chore?  Prosper Home Care has caregivers that a trained to help with these types of everyday needs.

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Do you worry about the oven being left on when you are not there to fix a meal for your loved one?  Want to make sure they are eating a balanced diet?  Prosper Home Care caregivers make sure you loved one gets nutritious meals.

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Medication Monitoring and Tracking

Do you run out of your medicine before you pick up a new prescription?  Forget to take your meds?  Need someone to remind you to take your medicine?   Prosper Home Care has several ways to ensure your loved one is taking each does of their medication and taking it on time.

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Need a ride to the doctor, to get a hair cut, to visit a friend?  Prosper Home Care understands that your loved one wants to continue to live an active life.  Our caregivers provide reliable transportation with a clean driving record.

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