The Role and Responsibilities of A Special Needs Caregiver

Special Needs Caregiver

One of the strongest support systems known to mankind is the family unit. This system is extremely important with a family who has a child with special needs. However, in reality, the family may not have the expertise to understand the child’s condition fully. The family may also not have the time to be physically present to provide care around the clock. In order to remedy these obstacles, parents can hire a special needs caregiver.

 What Is a Special Needs Caregiver ?

These caregivers are specially trained to care for children who require specific assistance. The assistance needed can be the result of a behavioral condition or a medical condition. These types of caregivers also provide supplemental care for other people in the family as well. 

Parents understand the importance of having a special needs caregiver in the home. The caregiver can provide parents with comfort. Parents will know their children are always cared for even when they are not able to be around.

Stress is also a huge factor in the home of a special needs child, and these caregivers have the training to identify family members who are feeling stressed out. The caregivers can also help prevent burnout in parents and other family members. 

The Responsibilities of the Caregiver

The main responsibility of the caregiver is to provide assistance with medical, personal and emotional needs. This means that the caregiver may help the special needs child with:

  • Transferring from bed to wheelchair and other types of transfers
  • Bathing
  • Meals
  • Dressing
  • Mobility
  • Companionship
  • Mental exercises and games

The caregiver can also provide respite and emotional care for the parents and other family members who are involved in the care. The caregiver can run errands, complete housekeeping, do laundry and prepare meals while the parents rest or complete other tasks. The special needs caregiver can also provide a comforting shoulder for the parents to lean on whenever they begin to feel overwhelmed and stressed.

The vast demands and responsibilities that accompany caring for a child with special needs can be difficult for family members to handle on their own. Although the family unit is a supportive structure, a special needs caregiver can reinforce the structure with competent and professional outside help.