What Are The Basic Home Caregiver Responsibilities?

If you are assisting with the care of a loved one who is homebound due to an injury, chronic illness, or a disability, you are considered a home caregiver. A chronic disease is a health condition that is long term.

The Reasons Why Senior Caregiving Services May Be the Best Option for Your Loved One

Despite their age and physical or mobility limitations, many seniors are able to live alone independently as long as they are able to receive senior caregiving services on an as needed basis. These types of services can include personal assistance

The Duties of a Caregiver

The duties of a caregiver for a senior varies depending on the individual needs of the client. There are many different types of caregivers available to provide elderly care. Caregivers are in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. But, did you

Medication Adherence Programs For Hypertension

Medication adherence programs are essential to successfully controlling hypertension in many patients. Unfortunately, only around half of the Americans who are treated for hypertension with medication actually follow the advice of their physicians for their medication therapy. Medication adherence is