Making the Decision to Use Senior Care Services

There are certain problems that may occur as a person gets older, and these problems can prove to be too overwhelming for family members to handle on their own. This is one of the reasons why it is essential that

How To Prevent Burnout in Caregivers for Alzheimer’s Patients

Caregivers for Alzheimers patients often report having high levels of stress. Providing this level of care on a continuous basis can be overwhelming. However, too much stress is not healthy for either the patient or the caregiver. The following information

What Is The Difference Between A Personal Care Attendant And An Elder Companion?

Although these terms are used interchangeably, there are several differences between a personal care attendant and an elder companion. These differences are mainly in terms of the responsibilities and the training that is required. What Is A Personal Care Attendant?

Recognizing Depression in the Elderly during the Holidays

It is important that not only those in the healthcare industry recognize and understand the signs of depression in the elderly, it is important that family members are also aware of these signs. This concern is heightened even more during

How to Find Excellent Elderly Companion Services

Elderly companion services are typically defined as support services that are non-medical and are delivered in a person’s home. The main goal of these services is to allow seniors to remain as independent as they can while remaining at home

How to Ease the Responsibilities of Caring For the Elderly At Home

Few adult children anticipate the day when they must deal with the task of taking care of their elderly parent. However, sooner or later adult children may become their parent’s caregivers. A slip and fall or automobile accident can bring

Caring For the Elderly is Not Just Keeping Them Safe

Family members and caregivers must consider several things when they are caring for the elderly. The senior’s health and finances are just two of the concerns. The addition of mental and emotional care and assistance can make the task seem

Caregiver Tips for Alzheimer’s Patients

It has been estimated that over 5 million people in the United States suffer with Alzheimer’s disease. This disease is a progressive disease that causes mental deterioration that makes patients suffer with memory loss, mood and personality changes. Many caregivers

Tips for Medication Tracking For the Elderly

When used correctly, elderly medication can improve the lives of seniors. However, when they are not used as directed, they can cause many problems. Seniors often encounter problems when they try to manage several different prescriptions from several doctors. Physicians

Know the Advantages for Skilled Nursing Help Before Hiring the Help

Skilled nursing help is provided by health professionals to clients who have chronic medical conditions such as diabetes and heart failure. These licensed professionals also provide care for those who have been recently released from the hospital, or have experienced