In-Home Senior Companionship Services or Nursing Home Care?

Many elders are not very happy when the decision is made to relocate them to a nursing home. The main reason why these seniors become depressed and angry is because they lose their independence and dignity. If your loved one

How Non-Medical Home Care for Seniors Changed How We Feel About Needing Assistance

Most people don’t think about non-medical home care for seniors when considering their elderly relatives’ needs. They go through a checklist starting with medication or doctor’s appointments and continue on to incidentals like Kleenex. Recent research continues to drive home

Tips for Travel Companion Services for Seniors

Traveling with elderly parents or other relatives can become overwhelming and frustrating if the proper preparations are not made ahead of time. Long distance traveling can be physically exhausting for seniors, and stressful for their companions. It is important to

Companionship for Seniors in Your Home

Companionship for seniors is an in-home care service that primarily offers clients emotional support as well as companionship. These are seniors who are generally in good health and they want to stay in their own homes. However, this type of