Handicap Lifts Help Make Transportation for the Disabled Easier

transportation for the disabledOne of the things that a disabled person appreciates the most is the freedom of mobility, or being able to move around independently. Handicap lifts can help make mobility and transportation for the disabled easier and be the stepping stone towards freedom a disabled person needs. These types of lifts can assist a physically disabled person who has problems getting around in the home, in the workplace and/or in and out of vehicles. Handicap lifts can be operated manually, although many that are currently on the market are battery powered.

Trailer Mounted Handicap Lifts

One type of handicap lift that can be installed on a vehicle is known as a trailer hitch mounted lift. Even though any type of lift can be mounted on any vehicle, it is important to make sure that the lift is compatible not only with the vehicle, but is also compatible with the equipment that is being transported. The length of the hitch can be adapted to carry the equipment, but it is essential that the vehicle is able to support and transport the equipment safely.

Boom Style or Platform Style Lifts

Another type of lift that can be used for transportation for the disabled is a lift that is installed inside of a vehicle. A boom style lift stores mobility equipment such as wheelchairs and scooters during transport. Installation of this lift is typically in the trunk, the back or the side of a SUV or van.

A platform style lift can provide several options for disabled persons. The lift can store a wheelchair or scooter, or an individual can sit securely in the equipment during transport. Platform lifts are installed on the back or the driver’s side of the vehicle.

Manual and Powered Handicap Lifts

Lifts that are manually operated are usually installed as trailer mounted lifts and can be self installed. Self installation allows these lifts to be removed when necessary and reinstalled when they are needed. They are compact in size and can be stored away easily.

Powered handicap lifts involve more work during installation due to electrical components and should only be installed by a professional to ensure they operate properly. Powered lifts are also installed as hitch mounted lifts.

Mobility equipment and other assistive devices have helped to make transportation for the disabled more efficient. Handicap lifts allow the disabled and mobility impaired to enjoy their freedom without restrictions or loss of independence.

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