Finding Reliable Transportation Services for the Elderly

transportation services for the elderlyMost people enjoy the freedom of traveling from one location to another whenever they want to. They take for granted that they can get on a bus, call a taxi or get behind the wheel of their vehicle at any time. However, the elderly population faces many challenges when they need to take routine outings such as shopping trips, doctor appointments or even meeting with friends. As your loved one age, driving may no longer be an option, and it is important to find reliable transportation services for the elderly.

Several transportation associations have concluded that over 20 million elders depend on someone else for their mobility needs. This number will only grow as baby boomers continue to age. It is estimated that by 2030, the number of drivers over the age of 65 will be four times greater than it is currently.

Seniors Are Reluctant To Stop Driving

For many seniors, the inability to drive not only means a loss in their independence and freedom; it also means a loss of their identity. In most states, a driver’s license is the most popular type of identification. Therefore, when seniors have to relinquish their license, they often feel as if they are also giving up their independence.

Transportation Assistance through a Home Health Agency

Transportation is essential to ensure seniors have access to services they need. When seniors have adequate transportation available, they are able to:

  • Live independently
  • Avoid isolation
  • Avoid placement in a long term care facility

Fortunately, home health agencies offer transportation services for the elderly that will allow seniors to remain mobile and independent at home. Home health aides can provide safe and enjoyable companionship for your loved ones. This means that your Mom and Dad can still attend charity functions, medical appointments, religious services and other events.

Some of the transportation services a home health aide can provide are:

  • Prescription pickup
  • Travel to and from physical therapy
  • Shopping for holiday gifts
  • Shopping for special occasions
  • Travel to sporting events
  • Recreational outings

Your loved ones no longer have to stop enjoying participating in activities that are important to them because they no longer drive. Reliable transportation services for the elderly will guarantee they will continue to enjoy these activities for as long as possible.

Are you looking for reliable transportation services for your elderly parents? Schedule a free assessment with Prosper Home Care and give your parents the companionship they deserve.