Where To? How Transportation is Vital to Successful Home Care

successful Home CareTransportation, especially during poor weather, poses limitations for the elderly that impacts their health. If you can’t easily get around, you can’t get to the doctor, you can’t get to the pharmacy. So, you aren’t very likely to get out and spend time with friends. These issues are important for older people to remain healthy. Thankfully a non-medical home care worker regularly provides transportation at an affordable cost.

Staying Physically Active and Maintaining a Healthy Diet

According to the University of Rochester’s Medical Center, two of the most important factors for maintaining good health in your later years is staying physically active and eating a healthy diet.  When you physically can’t get out and about, you’re much more likely to order in junk food like pizza.  If driving poses a hazard, you’re more likely to stay at home than visit a wellness center or grocery store.  Old age prevents driving for many reasons, but when this happens, it can’t be ignored.

Thankfully, home care workers regularly provide transportation and personal support outside of a residential environment. Weekly grocery trips, drives to the library, the movies or to senior group events and even visits to church are common services provided outside of a home setting. Physical health isn’t the only focus of personal care givers; they perform many duties aimed at improving quality of life. These professionals are adept at helping you feel supported rather than unable to care for yourself. They understand there are many reasons driving may become less appealing for an older person.

Comprehensive Support Services

A major part of living life to the fullest is having a safe, reliable ride wherever we want to go. Taxis can get expensive quickly, and have been known to leave people abandoned in the wrong part of town. Taxi drivers also may not offer extra help needed for loading, unloading or even basic participation that an elderly person may need to be involved.

A personal care worker can help your family member get ready for an event, attend in a fulfilling way and return home safely, while providing any follow up care. If you notice an elderly person in your social circle disappearing from the public eye or struggling to get around when they need to, consider recommending a non-medical care provider.

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