Understanding Disability Home Care

disability home care sandy springs gaDisability home care is the care that is given to individuals who have disabilities and have problems completing daily tasks such as bathing, dressing and taking medication. The goal of home care is to allow the client to remain in their home and community instead of forcing the client to move into a residential facility. This type of care gives the client the opportunity to remain independent while also having access to the assistance that they need. Home care can greatly improve a person’s quality of life, and there are various options for funding for those who are interested in this service.

Services that are available to disabled clients vary and depend on the type and degree of the disability. The services are also dependent on the amount of assistance that is needed. Some clients may require the assistance of a caregiver, while other clients require more skilled nursing care. This type of assistance may include administering medications and injections.

Responsibilities of a Home Care Giver

Some persons who are disabled need disability care to help with such tasks as home management, cooking, housekeeping and personal hygiene. The caregiver will arrive at the home on prescheduled dates and times to assist the person as needed. Some caregivers work a particular shift, but for more specialized care, a caregiver may live in the home with the client.

Other tasks that disabled clients may need assistance with are transfers, toileting needs and dressing. The caregivers who provide assistance with these activities must have a certain level of skill to ensure that the daily activities are completed safely and professionally.

Disability Home Care Services

Caregivers can also help facilitate communication for clients who have problems speaking to others in the public, and caregivers can also assist with forms and other paperwork.

Home care for the disabled that is considered skilled or advanced includes such duties as:

  • Wound care
  • Colostomy management
  • Catheter flushing
  • Injection administration

Only nurses or skilled technicians who have training in these skills should complete these tasks. Many clients use both types of home care by choosing a regular caregiver for daily activities and hiring a nurse for more skilled duties. This is a cost effective way to ensure that they receive the best disability home care for their needs.  If you need disability home care, contact a Sandy Springs, GA home care company today.